3 Goocubelets Games Free Steam Key Download

Indie Gala Store have yet another Steam key giveaway. This time you can get free steam keys for GooCubelets 3 Pack: GooCubelets, GooCubelets OCD, GooCubelets the Algorithm! Note that’s the Developer was banned from Steam. So you can still get the games but you can’t buy or sell any cards/emotes/backgrounds, can’t view the achievement pages, games not counting toward total game count, etc.

Not sure for how long the giveaway is going to last, which means it’s probably best to grab the game while the offer is still live. To get the free game, please be logged into indiegala in your browser and visit the Indie Gala page here, and you will find the giveaway box like below.

3 Goocubelets Games Free Giveaway

3 Goocubelets Games Free Steam Key

Simply close (x) the banner (no need to Like or Follow Indie Gala) and follow the instructions on that page to claim this giveaway (press the Claim Free Copy button). You will receive an email from IndieGala with instructions and your profile link or activation link (may require 60 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic load), and following that link will get you to your Indie Gala profile page. Then go to My Profile>Bundles Library>IndieGala Giveaways>GooCubelets the Algorithm and press on the Steam button to get your free steam key.

Note: You will get only one Steam key for GooCubelets the Algorithm. But that single Steam key is enough to active the whole 3 Goocubelets Games.

About the Games:

Goocubelets: To cube or not to cube, that is the question. There’s no question about it – you need to become cubastic and cube around the gooiest platforms ever to be cubed around on. Indulge in the most mind blowing puzzles ever to be witnessed by any cubelet.

Goocubelets OCD: Imagine the world where puzzles are a way of life. Where all the cubelets serve their purpose. Where every puzzle-lover can find his dream puzzle and challenge himself to all the boundaries. GooCubelets are happy to give you that opportunity.

Goocubelets The Algoorithm: Billions of year ago in a faraway goolaxy living organisms were combined with the goo nebula formulae. And the Algoorithm was created. Time has passed, and the Algoorithm remained incomplete… You are given a chance to solve the last 50 equations! But be careful, even a small mistake could end everything! Give it all you got and complete the Algoorithm once and for all! Become the Goomaster and be ready to face the final equation – the MASTEREQUATION… In all the GooUniverse, you were the choozen one…