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Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks Free Download Full Version @ GOTD

Notebooks are small and handy, but for a number of reasons notebook hard drives are less reliable than those of desktops. Various jolts and shakings happen frequently during notebook transportation and active work, which expedite deterioration of the mechanical parts of a hard drive. When powered by the battery, the notebook hard drive might not get sufficient power because of excessive battery load. In this case the hard drive will not be able to maintain constant rotation speed which increases the probability of information loss. And since all those components of notebook are located in a small area with weak cooling environment, hard drive temperature is often close to or even exceeds the maximum allowed value (55°C (131°F) for most hard drives). This negatively affects both mechanical (thermal expansion of the platters) and electronic (overheating and possible failure of the controller) parts of a hard drive.

That’s why notebook hard drives need constant health monitoring to prevent data loss. Such monitoring can be performed with Hard Drive Inspector Professional (HDIP). But the Professional version is intended mostly for desktop computers and doesn’t take into account some peculiar features of notebooks. For example, HDIP periodically reads S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) attributes from a hard drive to control its health. Reading this data when the hard drive is in sleep mode activates the disk which in turn causes an unnecessary increase in power consumption and reduces battery life. In addition, the average working temperature of a notebook’s hard drives is usually higher than the temperature of a desktop’s disks. So, when used in notebooks, HDIP may show false overheating alerts.

So here is a special edition of Hard Drive Inspector intended for notebook users. Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks has all the functionality of the Professional version, but also takes into account the specific features of notebooks listed above. This is the most powerful version of Hard Drive Inspector.

Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks Free Download Full Version

Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks  normally charges $39.95 per serial key / activation code. Giveaway of the Day (GOTD) are having a giveaway of Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks 4.30, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on March 23, 2015). Act fast to grab your free copy.

Go to the giveaway page here during giveaway period to download the giveaway package. Unzip the package you’ve downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software. You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.

To make sure your Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks 4.30 is properly registered, click on the menu Help> Hard Drive Inspector

Note: As is typical with all programs of this type, failure detection/prediction is not 100% accurate

Best Free Alternatives to Hard Drive Inspector Professional

For those who will be missing today’s giveaway, there are plenty of free hard drive monitoring and analysis tools that work just as well (and in some cases even better) than Hard Drive Inspector Professional:

1, Ashampoo HDD Control 2 (freebie, not freeware)

Ashampoo HDD Control is a complete hard disk solution that includes a rich set tools to allow users easily monitor and maintain their hard drive and ensure optimal performance. The software supports not only all common IDE and serial ATA hard drives, but also provides improved support for external USB hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs). The extended user interface gives an overview of the status of your hard drives’ health, performance and temperature. Also the software supports the S.M.A.R.T self-test to check for electric and mechanic problems of hard drives as well as adjustment of the noise level and the power management (if supported by the hard drive).

[Download Ashampoo HDD Control 2 for Free]

2,  Hard Disk Sentinel Pro (freebie, not freeware)

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Edition is a HDD/SSD monitoring and analysis application, created to find, test, diagnose and repair hard disk drive problems, report and display SSD and HDD health, performance degradations and failures.

[Download Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.2 for Free]

3, O&O DriveLED (freebie, not freeware)

O&O DriveLED is an “early-warning system” that assists you by identifying potential hard drives problems so you’ll have enough time to backup your data and so avoid losing any of it when exchanging a hard disk. This is time a sudden crash will otherwise never give you.

[Download O&O DriveLED 4 for Free]

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