Hellofax: 50 Free Fax Pages / Month & Unlimited e-Signatures & Win 1 TB of Google Drive Storage and MacBook Air

HelloFax is an online fax and electronic signature service that makes it easy to sign documents and send faxes online. You can upload documents, add your signature and other text to them, and then fax them for free. It also support email-to-fax and allow you to receive faxes. So you’ll never need to print, sign and scan documents again!


HelloFax has two primary features:

  1. Send and receive faxes – Put in a fax number and HelloFax will send your document to a fax machine. If someone sends you a fax, HelloFax will forward it to your email as a PDF. You never have to touch a fax machine.
  2. Sign documents & fill out forms – As soon as you upload the document, you can add your signature and fill out forms. HelloFax take over 30 different file types. Once you have a signed document, you can send it via fax or email.

Normally, Hellofax offers only 5 free fax pages for signing up. Now to celebrate the launch of HelloFax for Google Drive app, you can get 50 free fax pages / month & unlimited e-signatures, until October 27th. They’ll also enter you to win 1 TB of Google Drive Storage & a MacBook Air.

Impatient to get started? Download the HelloFax App in the Google Drive Store for free. Integrate Google Drive & HelloFax and you’ll be on your way to a paperless office.