HitFilm 2 Express and PhotoKey 6 Lite Free Download Serial Number (Win + Mac)

Always wanted to try your hand at video or photo editing?  Make sure you check out the great New Year offer from FXHOME. The software developer has announced that it’s offering the HitFilm 2 Express (normally worth $149) and PhotoKey 6 Lite (worth $50) applications for free as part of a limited time offer that lasts until February 4, 2014. Both software are fully functional, and, once downloaded, have no expiry date.  Please note that both software support 64-bit versions of Windows (Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 , or 8 ) and Mac ( Mac OS X 10.6 or greater) only — 32-bit is not supported, unfortunately.

About HitFilm 2 Express:

HitFilm 2 Express

The HitFilm project has always been about getting the right filmmaking tools to the right people. Normally worth $149 (and usually sold as an OEM product), HitFilm 2 Express may be free – for now – but that doesn’t stop it being a remarkably powerful video product, especially for new filmmakers. Fast, powerful and easy to use, HitFilm 2 Express has everything you need to create your first filmic masterpiece.

Experiment with incredible visual effects including 2D and 3D effects, layer compositing, video tracking, light flares, lightning simulation, colour grading and much more. These advanced tools allow filmmakers to create elaborate virtual sets and green screen environments, essential for science fiction, fantasy and historical movies. It’s easy to start making movies with HitFilm 2 Express but there’s also a lot of power for more experienced filmmakers.

About PhotoKey 6 Lite:

PhotoKey 6 Lite

Also on offer in January is PhotoKey 6 Lite. Worth US$49 (and usually sold as an OEM product too), PhotoKey 6 Lite is part of FXHOME’s award-winning family of software which delivers world-leading greenscreen technology for photographers. PhotoKey 6 Lite is a great introduction for those who have not tried green screen photography before because they thought it was too difficult or complicated. The software shows how simple a technique it is to master and will give them confidence to use it regularly.

This advanced technology can be used professionally for creative portraiture or just for fun. Want to put yourself or your friends on a beach, in the jungle or next to the Eiffel Tower? PhotoKey 6 Lite can do all that and more. Transform your images into postcards, posters, printed pictures or even your next Facebook cover photo.

HitFilm 2 Express and PhotoKey 6 Lite Free Download Serial Number

HitFilm 2 Express For Free: Promo Page

PhotoKey 6 Lite For Free: : Promo Page

Steps by steps guide to get your free serial number / license key:

1, Visit the promo links above. You will see two buttons — Share On Twitter and Share On Facebook (if you don’t see the buttons, scroll up or down to find them).

Download HitFilm 2 Express 1

2, Sharing is not mandatory for both promotions. Simply click the Share On Twitter/Facebook button and then simply close the Twitter/Facebook window that pops up with the X in the top right of the little window.

Download HitFilm 2 Express 2

3, You will be shown a registration form that you need to fill out. Fill out the form with your details and press the Download Now button.

Download HitFilm 2 Express 3

4, Now check the inbox of the email address you registered with. Look for an email from HitFilm.com — there is a link/button in the email you need to click. Remember…check your junk/spam, the email may send to this place after you sent the requests.

Download HitFilm 2 Express 4

5, After you click the link/button in your email, you will be taken to HitFilm’s website and given your serial code. Copy the license key and keep it in a safe place.

HitFilm 2 Express Serial Number

At the same time, you can take advantage of a 25% discount on both HitFilm 2 Ultimate and PhotoKey 6 Pro (scroll up or down the promo pages to find them). Hurry up and download these two applications before the promotional period is over.


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