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HitFilm 8 Express Free Download Serial Number

Always wanted to try your hand at video editing? Well, lucky you because FXhome has released Hitfilm 8 Express and made this professional-quality video editing and visual effects software completely FREE to use. You can create any kind of video with HitFilm 8 Express – it’s yours to keep forever. This is more of a promotion thing FXhome has going on in the hope of selling some premium effects packs.

The HitFilm project has always been about getting the right filmmaking tools to the right people. Previously sold for $149, HitFilm 8 Express is now free, but that doesn’t stop it being a remarkably powerful video product, especially for new filmmakers. Fast, powerful and easy to use, HitFilm 8 Express has everything you need to create your first filmic masterpiece.

Experiment with incredible visual effects including 2D and 3D effects, layer compositing, video tracking, light flares, lightning simulation, colour grading and much more. These advanced tools allow filmmakers to create elaborate virtual sets and green screen environments, essential for science fiction, fantasy and historical movies. It’s easy to start making movies with HitFilm 3 Express but there’s also a lot of power for more experienced filmmakers.

System Specs

HitFilm Express is multi-core and GPU accelerated. It has seen some vast improvements under the hood providing superior performance and speed like you’ve never seen before.

HitFilm 8 Express Free Download Serial Number (Win/Mac)

This is not a demo. FXhome is giving you the full functional HitFilm 8 Express hybrid video editing and effects software for FREE. Interested users just need to visit the promo page here, share the promo page on any type of social media sites to unlock your free download. If you do not use any of those social media websites, then click the any button and simply close the window that pops up — you don’t actually share it to get this giveaway.

Bonus deal: If you also want to try your hand at photo editing, check out this freebie: OnOne Software is offering ON1 Effects 10.5 (Win/Mac) for free. ON1 Effects (previously known as Perfect Effects) is one the most powerful effects software available which offers photographers of all skill levels easy ways to enhance, stylize, and create images with impact.

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