How can I Burn a movie from limewire to a dvd?

LimeWire is an open source peer-to-peer (P2P) & Torrent client.Once you’ve downloaded a movie, you may like to burn it to dvd so it can be watched on other computers or free-standing DVD players.It is possible and easy to do this.

At first, you need to use limewire download the movie onto your computer harddrive, then you can burn/record the movie to a dvd from your computer, but you must have a dvd burner drive(hardware) on your computer, most dvd burner drives have a text “DVD RW” on drive panel, you should check your computer to validate there is a right dvd burner drive on your computer. Then you need to use a right dvd burning program.

If you just want to burn your movies onto dvd as data dvd, you can try RZ Free DVD Burner, it’s free and easy to use, it can directly burn any files or folders onto any dvd disc as data dvd, you can open the burned data disc on computer, but can’t play it on dvd player.

Or if you want to play the burned dvd on dvd player, you need to use a better program to burn a video DVD from your movies, you can try RZ DVD Creator, it can convert any movies to video DVD and burn to any dvd disc(DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, etc.), and the burned video DVD can be played well on your dvd player.

You can search and download the RZ Free DVD Burner or RZ DVD Creator, both easy to use.If you don’t want to install a dvd burning program,Windows Movie Maker is also ok.First Set your DVD burner preferences to the UDF format. This way it will work with DVD players hooked up to televisions in addition to those inside personal computers.

Burn a DVD Use Windows Movie Maker

Step 1
Open the Windows Movie Maker application by clicking on the “Start” menu. It’s also possible to open the program by inserting a blank disc into your DVD drive. Click “Burn a DVD Video Disc Using Windows DVD Maker” when the AutoPlay option appears on screen.

Step 2
Click “File” from your drop-down menus. Select “Add Items” to import your downloaded video from Lime Wire.

Step 3
Click the “Burn” button once the video has finished importing.

Step 4
Select “File” and “Close” when the DVD has finished burning. This will quit the program.

Step 5
Eject your burned DVD from the computer desktop.

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