How to create automate tasks with Task Scheduler in windows 7

 Scheduler in windows 7 operating system is significantly more powerful and easier to use than it was in Windows XP.It is probably the most important automation tool.This app will allow the automated running of files and programs at a user designated time.

In this article .I will  introduces you to how task scheduler can be used to set up automated routines to be triggered by events or by a schedule that you specify.

Here’s How:

1. Open up Task Scheduler

Open All Programs – Accesories – System Tools. Or type “task” into the Start Menu search bar.


2. Select ‘Create Basic Task’ from the right hand pane and the ‘Create Basic Task Wizard will open.

3. With the Wizard open, type a ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ for your new task and click Next.

4. Select when you would like the event/task to run and click Next. For example,i choose “daily”

5. Select the exact time and date at which you wish the first task to start (each task afterward will run based on your selection in step 4) then click Next.

6.Choose the action you with the task to execute from the list then click Next. I have selected ‘Start a program’.

7. Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the executable (exe) file of the program you wish to run then click Next.I’ve chosen to ignore ‘Add arguments’ and ‘Start in’.

8. Review the task and make sure that you’ve set all your required information correctly. If satisfied click Finish.

9. Your new task has been created and will run at the user specified time. Click ‘Refresh’ and scroll the list to see your new task (in this case ‘My Task’.

Note:You can create a new task with the ‘Create Task’ option in the right hand pane, this will just open the ‘Create New Task’ windows without the Wizard
Now,a automate tasks with Task Scheduler have been created.cheers!If you want to edit or change tase,you can do as following:
1. If you want to delete the task you can just click the ‘Delete’ button in the right hand pane. You will get the confimation dialog upon clicking ‘delete’
2,You can change you task settings at any time, just double-click the new task.
By the way,you can also use command line though

schtasks.exe /Create /RU “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” /SC DAILY /TN “Run Notepad  Daily” /TR “%SystemRoot%\notepad.exe” /ST 00:00:01