How To Delete/uninstall a Installed Theme Pack

With windows 7 custom made themes,you can definitely make your computer looks even  more beautiful.But,have you ever met such a situation that after you install a theme pack,you find it not what you want,and want to delete it?

Of course you can not directly delete the file.That is not a clean uninstall.Then,how to How To Delete/Uninstall a Installed Theme Pack?

Please follow these steps,and we  will show you how to delete/uninstall a theme that you have installed to remove it from the My Themes section in the Personalization windows.

Right click on an empty spot on the desktop and click Personalize. (See screenshot below)

Select a different theme, other than the one you want to delete in the My Themes section.(You can click the picture to see a lager size)

Click Yes to confirm the deletion. Now you should have Successfully Delete/uninstall the Theme Pack you do’nt like.