How to download a Movie off LimeWire?

LimeWire is an open source  peer-to-peer file-sharing program designed to let users share their digital entertainment libraries through the Internet.It is the world’s most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing program. With over 50 million unique monthly users. Though it’s primarily used to share music in MP3 format, it can also be used to download movies.

How to download a Movie off LimeWire?
Step 1 launch limewire application. Windows users can find it by clicking the “Start” menu. Mac users may  find the LimeWire application in your programs dock.

Step 2 Go to the search engine.Click on the “Video” icon to limit your search results to movies.

Step 3 Use the available search fields to find the movie you’re looking for.  Fill out as much info as you know about the video you want to download.A basic LimeWire search will allows you to enter title, type, year, rating or length. Movies can be downloaded in a variety of file types including MPEG, AVI and Quicktime.

Step 4 Select a movie from the search results. Use the progress bar to monitor the download status. Once its downloaded, click on the lauch button. it should kick it over to your media player and begin to play