How to install ESET Mobile Antivirus security

Day by day we see that more and more people use their smartphones and PDA to surf the Internet , your personal and business information is more mobile than ever, and so are the threats. Yes viruses has also become portable and antivirus companies have entered the mobile world too. Mobile security software can protect your mobile device from an invasion from portable predators, including viruses, trojans, and worms.

If you own a Windows Mobile based device you can prevent it from any attack by downloading and installing ESET Mobile Antivirus, the small brother of NOD32 is ready to protect your phone.

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You should check whether your mobile device  meet the following minimum requirements or not first:

Processor:Recommended  400 Mhz; Minimum:200 Mhz
Memory: 1 MB
Operating System: Windows Mobile 5, 6.0, 6.1,symbian.

Note:(1),ESET Mobile Antivirus security is still in beta test now.(2),This guide is for Windows Mobile.

1,prepare to install ESET Mobile Antivirus

Save all open documents and exit all running  applications before installing. You can install ESET Mobile Antivirus directly on your device or use your computer.

Method 1:Installation ESET Mobile Antivirus on your Mobile Device

(1),download the .cab installation fle by WiFi, Bluetooth  fle transfer or email attachment (it is similar to an .msi fle on your PC) from here.You may Click here to have your Eset Mobile Antivirus beta username and password emailed to you before download it.

(2),In you windows mobile phone, tap Start > File Explorer to locate the fle and tap it to launch the installer.

install ESET Mobile Antivirus  1

install ESET Mobile Antivirus  2

(3),When you see the message that the program was installed successfully, tap ok to complete installation.

install ESET Mobile Antivirus  3

Method 2:Installation ESET Mobile Antivirus using your computer

Don’t  commended

How to To uninstall ESET Mobile Antivirus from your mobile device

 tap Start > Settings, tap the System tab  and then tap the Remove Programs icon.

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