How to Lock and Hide Files in Password Protected Folder in Windows

Everyone has their own privacy.So,hiding certain files and folders is a need that many of us  require time to time.then,My Lockbox maybe what you want.My Lockbox is a security software enabling you to password protect any folder on your computer. The protected folder (lockbox) is hidden from any user and application of your system, including Administrator and System itself.

How to use my lockbox to Lock and Hide Files in Password Protected Folder in Windows

My Lockbox is a free, simple and easy to use program that helps you lock and hide files in a password protected folder  as you set. You can lock and hide any folder in your system as easily by a single main window with not much configuration. It takes in your password when you install and can be changed later.

You can access lockbox window to operate on locked files anytime using hotkey combinations, these combination can be user defined hence speeding up things. It also provides several cool skins  that can be applied on it.

All is easy,but remember not to lock any operating system files or folders, as this will not let the system to access those files and your OS may crash.It Supported almost all windows OS:,from Windows XP, 2003, to Vista and windows 7

Download: My Lockbox