How to Play DVD on PSP

How to Play DVD on PSP

It is really a mobile life time now. We can get information, servers and entertainment anywhere and anytime. PSP has exactly proved this. As a video game player, PSP has done well due to it powerful compatability of the games, high quality of display and the formidable disposition. If it can play DVD, we will have a excellent mobile movie theatre. In fact, Sony Company consider about the portability, PSP is not equipped with DVD player. But we still have chance to play DVD on PSP. How to do that? All we need is a PSP DVD ripper to extract DVD to PSP.
This page include 2 parts as below

1. Choose A Good PSP DVD Ripper
2. Learn to Play DVD on PSP

Choose A Good PSP DVD Ripper

As I said above, the key to play DVD on PSP is a PSP DVD ripper. Next question is how to choose a good one. The output files of a good PSP DVD Ripper will make the most use of PSP’s hardware disposition, and design a special scheme for PSP. WonderFox DVD Ripper can do this very well. Here are the details of WonderFox DVD Ripper:
1. Can Open DVD, IFO, MPEG/VOB files.
2. Split large video files to volumes according the mode and size you set.
3. Can select a part of video/audio to convert according to start time and quantity of frames.
4. high quality of output files.
5. Provide luminace filter and deinterlace filter.
6. You can select audio track and subtitle to convert.
7. Provide the capability for you to set the resolution of the output video and many other options.
8. Can edit the video files.
9. No.1 fast converting speed
OK, let’s see how to play DVD on PSP.

Learn to Play DVD on PSP
With WonderFox DVD Ripper, we will easily play DVD on PSP. Let’s see the steps:
1. Downoad WonderFox DVD Ripper and run it.
2. Load DVD.
3. Choose the part you want to rip.
4. Set your profile.
5. Select the output folder.
6. Click the “Start” button, then after the blue progress bar fill with the line, you can enjoy the movies.