HTC Mondrian and Mozart running Windows Phone 7 leaked

Windows Phone 7 is still a long way from being available to the masses but we have just received word of the unofficial confirmation of the HTC Mondrian and the HTC Mozart which are going to both be WP7 handsets.  The HTC Mozart , according to a Telstra roadmap leak, is expected to hit stores in October.And we can guess that Windows Phone 7  is also expected to hit stores in October.
HTC Mondrian XML documents

While rifling through two XML documents providing MMS specifications, we found reference to Mondrian and Mozart and the fact they’ll be using Windows Phone 7. Unless Microsoft has a sudden change of heart, it’s safe to assume Mondrian and Mozart will indeed by Windows Phone 7 devices.

HTC Mozart  XMl

The MMS info does not reveal too much, except that both devices predictably have WVGA screens and also that they are both slates without keyboards.The Mondrian and Mozart recently surfaced in separate leaks, each indicating WP7 as the chosen platform. The Mondrian is said to integrate a 1.3GHz Snapdragon, 800×480 display, and a 5+ megapixel camera capable of shooting HD video.

HTC Mondrian and Mozart running Windows Phone 7 leaked

Specs for the Mozart remain unclear, other than an 800×480 display confirmed in the MMS specs. The device may be an entry-level WP7 device, as a leaked promotion document paired the device with a $49 AUD (~$42 USD) price tag on the Australian carrier Telstra.