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HTC Sense Clock Gadget For Windows 7 / Vista / XP Desktop

A lot of people these days like to showoff their desktop with some big font Clock. Well, there is a free desktop clock gadget called Horloger, which reproduces more faithfully the great clock of HTC devices for windows7 and windows Vista desktop environment (While it also works fine on my Windows XP SP3 machine).

Horloger is easy to use with minimal user settings. Once the application is installed, the clock starts automatically and is with default settings. If you want to change settings just right click on the desktop clock and select settings.

The General tab provides options to start the app with Windows boot, displaying options for minutes, seconds and hours, language selection (English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish currently available), option to switch between three different skins and a transparency slider to customize background transparency.

The Date and Time tab can be used to customize the format of date and time.

The position tab provides options to set one of the three default positions for the clock or to manually drag it to a desired area on the desktop (Manual Position option), and option to always show clock on top.

So what are you waiting? Try this stylish clock gadget now to make your computer look like in all respects to an HTC device, or simply for something different on your Windows desktop.

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