iCare Data Recovery Software Giveaway – Free Until May 31

iCare Data Recovery Software is dedicated in hard disk data recovery like hard disk failure, wrong formatted hard drive, unexpectedly file deletion, MBR (Mast Boot Record) corrupted, bad boot sector, drive inaccessible, partition unreadable, software operation failure like Partition Magic caused data loss, Ghost failure, virus attacked, etc. It can recover any deleted files like photos, documents, mp3, outlook file, presentations, and it also works with any type of storage media like hard drive, removable hard drive, digital cameral sd card, usb drives, ipod, memory card etc.

iCare Data Recovery Software 4.5

When to use iCare Data Recovery Software?

The data recovery software is relatively easy to use. No technical or data recovery software skills are required to undelete files. Below are some of the symptom that presents your need of this program to fix errors and bring data back.

  • Reformatted partition, memory card, external drive, USB drive, sd card…
  • Repartitioned hard disk drive and need file recovery
  • Hard disk, external drive, USB drive, memory card etc. has not formatted error and report RAW file system
  • Ghost failure, copy failure, formatted disk
  • Quick formatted disk, complete format, full format recovery
  • Resize partition, merge partition, copy partition failure by PartitionMagic, Partition Manager…
  • File system RAW, RAW drive, chkdsk reports not available for RAW drive…
  • Pressed restore button of iPhone, Blackberry, iPod and want to restore music files
  • Reformatted sd card, xd card, cf card, pen stick, memory card…
  • System cannot boot, cannot locate the boot partition, I/O error
  • external drive, memory card, cf card cannot be detected or recognized…
  • Virus attack and lost files
  • Bad boot sector, bad partition table, damaged FAT, lost File Allocation Table…
  • Recover files from FAT, NTFS partitions
  • Recover files from devices with unknown file systems including Hard Disk, external ZIP/USB drive, removable SmartMedia, MemoryStick, SD cards, etc.
  • Partition structures are damaged or deleted…

Giveaway Details:

This Data Recovery Software normally costs $69.95 for purchase. We use to share promos offers for this software very often. Now, for a very limited time Until May 31, as part of the developer’s  Temp Giveaway Offer, the interested users are once again entitled to download the latest full version iCare Data Recovery Software 4.5 with free license code. Just visit this promo page and you will find the download link as well as the giveaway code.


iCare Data Recovery Standard v4.6.4 Free Easter 2012 Giveaway

Download iCare Data Recovery Standard trial from this link.

Use free serial key Code: ’54AN079JE815E5ML76AND6OB64K7EMMZ’, no quotation marks to activate the full version.

This Time  Limited Easter Giveaway is valid from April 10, to April 12, 24:00 Asia Pacific Time.



  • You need to select a recovery module before you could see the activation button.
  • Run the program as OS admin and internet connection is required for activation.
  • No space included (in front or after the code) when copy and paste the code.
  • The program will be stay functional to you forever. (it only stops to work when you reinstall your OS or change your hard disk)
  • If it fails to activate, please clean CACHE files and then restart your PC and try again.

This sophisticated data recovery Software is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 pro, Server 2008, 2003, and Windows 2000. Supported Storage: hard disk drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, pen drive, flash card etc.

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