iCare Data Recovery Standard v4.6.4 Serial Key for Free

iCare Data Recovery Standard v4.6.4 Serial Key for Free Download – Data loss won’t be your headache! As a comprehensive file, partition and drive recovery solution, iCare Data Recovery Software is able to recover files from wrong formatted drives,drive has not formatted error, RAW drive or raw file system, unexpectedly file deletion, recover files due to partition lost, system crash, software crash, bad boot sector, missing boot sector, bad MBR, $MFT damaged, lost partition table, lost or damaged FAT, virus infections, power failure, and other unknown data loss…

With 2TB disk, RAID and dynamic disk file recovery supported, iCare Data Recovery Software is able to restore files from hard disk partitions, external hard disks, USD drives,  flash drives, memory card, SD card, pen stick, XD card… iCare Data Recovery is able to help you when other recovery software failed and recover the most of your files fast and easy.

iCare Data Recovery Standard

iCare Data Recovery Software Key Functions:

  • Lost Partition Recovery – Recover Files from partition(damaged, copy failure, ghost failure, resize failure, deleted, bad mbr, lost partition table, bad partition table, not recognized)
  • Advanced File Recovery – This built in data recovery module help users for comprehensive data loss when files moved with human error, system error, software error etc. It is recommended that you try this module to recover files whenever you encountered a data loss danger. It is especially usefull when your files are gone by virus attack, lost without a reason, file deleted, file emptied from recycle bin, or drive/card reported not formatted.
  • Deep Scan Recovery – Deep Scan Recovery is a recovery module using RAW searching technology that scans your files sector by sector to make sure that all the possible files can be retrieved. Featured as RAW recovery, it is the best recovery module provided in iCare Data Recovery Software. It is highly recommended that you try Deep Scan Recovery whenever other recovery module like Partition Recovery, Format Recovery, Advanced Files Recovery fail to locate your files. Or you may try this recovery module in the very beginning of using this program.
  • Format Recovery – A useful unformat recovery module that is dedicated in all reformat related problems whenever you run into a reformatted disk, flash card, memory card etc. What does it do is to retrieve lost files from a reformatted partition whether it was performed by quick format or full format or even formatted twice. Besides restoring files from a already reformatted partition, drive, card, it is also able to solve the problem when you encounter the error “the drive is not formatted do you want to format it now”. And what’s more? It also recover files when your encounter RAW DRIVE or RAW file system.

iCare Data Recovery Standard v4.6.4 Serial Key for Free

iCare Data Recovery Standard normally costs $69.95 for purchase. We use to share promos offers for this software very often. Now, For a very limited time, as part of the developer’s  2012 Easter free offer, the interested users are entitled to download the latest full version iCare Data Recovery Standard v4.6.4 with free serial key. This Time  Limited Easter Giveaway is valid from April 10, to April 12, 24:00 Asia Pacific Time.

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iCare Data Recovery Standard v5  – Sept. Giveaway

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iCare Data Recovery Standard Full Version


  • It requires internet connection for code activation
  • The free serial key code is valid until you reinstall your Windows system
  • It only works on iCare Data Recovery Standard Trial
  • Supports OS: Win 7/Vista/XP/2000; server 2008/2003/2000