IE9 is expected to release in September 15 from the world

As matters stand, Internet Explorer lags behind the likes of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera in terms of features and speed.But with IE9, the next generation of Internet Explorer which is expected to release in September 15 from the world,things may change a lot.

Ninth time’s the charm, sometimes! At least that’s Microsoft’s hope with IE9, Microsoft is working to make it the best browser available.IE9 will bring new HTML5 support (including HTML5 video!), hardware-accelerated 2D graphics, and a totally new JavaScript engine—and a pity ,no XP support.

If you can’t wait to get a glimpse at what Microsoft is doing for Internet Explorer 9, then you may want to try out the third platform preview of the upcoming browser.Or,just follow to have a look at it.

IE 9

It’s a very early look at the web browser, and consequently it has little in the way of a user interface.This preview is instead meant to show off the IE9 platform, which includes Microsoft’s new JavaScript rendering engine (codename Chakra ), as well as support for standards like HTML5, CSS3, SVG 1.1 and DOM. It’s not meant to be a mission critical browser application.

IE 9 with Chakra

In performance, according to test numbers from Microsoft, IE9 Platform Preview  improves the browser’s SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark performance by nearly 20 percent, from a test time of 590ms to 473ms (lower numbers are better). This still trails the performance of Opera (285ms), Chrome (293ms-374), and Safari (412ms), but exceeds Firefox 3.6 and 3.7 alpha, which comes in at 610-700ms. And Keep in mind that this is a WebKit-designed test, and that IE9 isn’t ready for release yet—Microsoft says they’ll still improve the rendering speed.And it’s far better than IE8’s 3826ms.yea,Microsoft also said IE9 is 50 times faster than IE8,It seems true now.With it’s new JavaScript rendering engine Chakra,Ie 9 will also better take advantage of multiple CPU cores. With a dual core CPU, IE9 will be able to dedicate the second core to translating JavaScript to native machine code to help speed up the browser

There are a lot more Improvement in IE 9,like the HTML5, CSS3, SVG 1.1 and DOM.If you’re the adventurous type You can actually try it now, though  the interface is still pretty barebones. (There’s no proper address bar, for example, but just a “go to” popup window. This is a developers’ test tool, really.) To download it  here.Please note that  IE9 will not run on Windows XP at all. The minimum operating system for IE9, including this developer preview, is Vista with Service Pack 2 installed.

Updated:Internet Explorer 9 Platform 1.9.7916.6000 Preview 4 release,download Here.

The browser wars still continue, even in the preview format.Microsoft doesn’t have any dates in mind for the final IE9 release, but I have got news that it is expected to release in September 1 all over the world.