iHome Dock for iPad to make iPad a alarm clock and radio

We have already seen a lot of  iPhone / iPod docks in the past, but have you ever see an IPAD  dock?  Never! However,I guess some iPad owners may also need a convenient bed-side way to charge and store their iPad — of course it would work well on a desk, too.

 I want to get an iHome dock for the iPad, because I’d like a nice set of speakers. But the problem is the iHome is only wide enough to support either an iPhone or iPod. The base of the iPad is way too wide. Is there an iHome that can handle the iPad’s wide base? Or maybe a power connector wire from the iHome to the iPad?….Estreb asked in apple support forum.

There is a good news that iHome has decided to give us a Dock for iPad in their new iA100ZE iPad Dock clock radio.This could very well be the first full-fledged iPad dock.Feast your eyes on this!

  ihome ipad dock alarm clock

The dock actually comes with an app that that turns the iPad into a sleep-monitoring, weather forecast-providing, alarm clock–although the idea of an alarm clock dock for the iPad seems a little silly.This dock can be set to sleep or wake up with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and you’ll be able to listen to music through its stereo speakers. Bluetooth is also included to let you stream your music wirelessly across the room, and you’ll be able to have all of the pertinant news all set for you first thing in the morning. This includes weather data, news, and your social media updates. That way everything is ready for your morning bathroom break.

iHome has not mentioned prices or a release date for the iHome iPad Dock  iA100ZE dock just yet. But hopefully it cost cost about $500.