Import and Export Firefox Extension Preferences

Firefox Extension Preferences is extremely valuable to most Firefox users, as some of you may really take a while to get configured just the way you like them.It is relatively easy to backup the full Firefox user profile which includes the extension preferences, but problems arise if you only need to selecte preferences from some specific extensions.

Don’t worry,I’m thinking of a scenario where a user can Import and Export Firefox Extension Preferences.It  would also be helpful if you regularly install and uninstall Firefox on the same computer or if you want to merge profiles.

The OPIE – Ordered Preference Import/Export – extension provides us with ways to import and export preferences from selected Firefox extensions. You can select Some or all of the extensions  during export, and they can be saved in a single file or separate files for each extension. The latter is useful for merging profiles or sending preferences of specific extensions to another computer.It’s now a bit easier to wipe out your Firefox profile and start fresh.

Fitst,you should  visit here with  firefox to download OPIE.Or you can also  start firefox,click tools- addons and then search OPIE to get this add-on.The import of preferences works pretty easy. The results are shown in the same window.

Import and Export Firefox Extension Preferences

The files are saved with the .prefs extension so that they are better recognizable.With OPIE – Ordered Preference Import/Export , it’s now a bit easier to wipe out your Firefox profile and start fresh. You can only restore the settings for the extensions that you plan on reinstalling, and leave behind the additional clutter. Believe it or not your preferences are normally not removed when you uninstall an extension, and so I always like to start with a fresh profile (after backing up my bookmarks of course) every few months.

If You still  want a full Firefox backup extension,then we’ll come to it next time.