IObit Toolbox public beta

Control category refers to the tools which can help you in controlling, managing and streamlining the Files, Folders and Disks.  Cloned Files Scanner seeks out cloned files that may waste your disk space.Disk Explorer can analyzes your drives to show you an overview of the big files and folders which occupy your valuable disk space.There is also System information adn Empty Folders Scanner toos.

What’s more IObit toolbox requires no installation. You can take it along with you in any portable devices, like flash disk, to solve PC problems anytime and anywhere.
In all,IObit Toolbox is definitely a handy toolkit for all Windows users and it is compatible with Windows 7 as well(I just test it on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS only). If you’ve been using dedicated tools for checking different problems & issues,it is a worthwhile  to try and  have a one-stop solution.