IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro Free 6 Months Full Version License Key

Installing and uninstalling programs are very common in this broadband world. People frequently install trial versions of programs to try them out, lucky ones get the chance to serve you, but the others, they have to go. OK, problems here: Many application programs leave unwanted traces of themselves on a hard drive after being uninstalled. So if you install and uninstall lots of programs, you end up with a mass of unwanted and unused files that eat up system resources. What’s worse, some of the programs even prevent to be uninstalled, it always pops up a square dialog and tells you: “xxx is damaged, I could not be uninstalled.” So, how to do? IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro makes uninstalling software the easiest it can be.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro is an effective system utility, which provides a rapid way to uninstall even the most stubborn software and completely remove their leftover files and registry entries, as well as some additional features to make your computer boot a lot faster. The main function of IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro is the complete removing of programs from your computer, including files of the application, all records it wrote to the registry, files it created on the disk, libraries it put into system folders, and so on.

To guarantee thoroughly uninstall, IObit uninstaller 8 monitors program installation. Bundled programs and plug-ins can be easily identified; some you may never notice have been installed on your computer. And when you decide to uninstall the main program, these bundled items can be removed together. For Windows 8 and above, IObit Uninstaller 8 helps you uninstall the Windows Apps to free up more system space.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro allows to create a system restore before you uninstall software, so if your uninstall breaks Windows, you can just use the System restore which IObit made to go back to a point where Windows works correctly. With the newly added Software Updater, it is also simple and easy to keep your important programs always up to date.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro Key Features:

  • Uninstall unwanted programs thoroughly and quickly
  • Remove plug-ins & extensions on Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.
  • Easily remove problematic Windows updates
  • Thoroughly uninstall Win 10 & Win 8’s built-in apps
  • Delete bundled programs or plug-ins
  • Larger real-time database to uninstall more programs
  • Uninstall malicious plug-ins for more secure browser
  • Cleaner & faster online experience with adware removal
  • Auto clean leftovers of programs uninstalled by other uninstallers
  • 1-click to update all of your important programs

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro Free Full Version License Key

IObit Uninstaller Pro is normally priced at $49.99 per serial number / license key. But HotroPC is having a giveaway of IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro for PC, where everyone can download a full version copy for free.

Visit the HotroPC promo page here (page in Vietnamese, use Google Translate if needed) to get your free license key.

Download IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro: iobituninstaller.exe. Install and active full version with received license key. Note: during installation, the program may offer to install additional apps that not related to the core functionality. If this doesn’t suit you then remove the extra ticks when you’re asked.

Infact, the giveaway license is the same for everyone. You can just use the one in the screenshot below.

IObit Uninstaller 8 Pro Free License

Giveaway license will be valid for 6 months and must be activated before 23h59 on 23rd September, 2018.

Alternative Offer: are having a giveaway of IObit Uninstaller 7 Pro, where everyone can download a 6 months full copy for free. Visit the promo page here (Page in Czech, use Google Translate if needed) to get your free copy.