iShoot iPhone Game Now Available for Free download

iShoot is a strategic shooting game launched for the iPhone back in 2009 which normally costs $1.99. Now, in honor of the launch of iShoot 2, the original iShoot is now Available for Free download from Apple store!

iShoot topped the download charts in its time and achieved huge success for its developer.This iPhone game is an artillery combat game in which tanks blast each other with a wide range of high-powered weapons, from basic shells and cluster bombs to the world-destroying Shiva Bomb.The full version of iShoot includes 25 weapons, photorealistic landscapes, drivable tanks, and more money with which to buy weapons.

In addition to the infinite-ammo Mini Mortar, the full version of iShoot features the following weapons:

Sixgun, Mortar, Mega Mortar, Dirt Ball, Excavator, Roller, Stinger Missiles, ShotgunMini Cluster Bomb, Claymore, Giant Excavator, Portable Mountain, Cluster Bomb, Hellfire Missiles, Great Wall, Meltdown, Tactical Nuke, Mega Roller, U238 Penetrator Nuke,Vulcan Cannon, Doombringer, Grand Slam, Planet Buster,Shiva Bomb.

iShoot iPhone Game free

To get ishoot for free,just visit this page. ishoot earns a three-and-a-half-star rating in apple store based on 22281 Ratings, and is Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Before you download, You may like to watch a Video about A short game of iShoot.

The newly launched version,ishoot 2, which improves the game with better visuals, a new campaign mode, upgradeable tanks and Bluetooth multi-player is also available to download for just £1.79. if you like ishoot,Why not just spend £1.79 to get the latest  verison of this iPhone Game?