FREE Steam Key: Jet Gunner (PC) and Dead Bits (PC+Mac)

Good news gamers. “Who’s Gaming Now?” is giving away two steam games for free: the 2D platform action game “Jet Gunner” (PC), and the first-person shooter “Dead Bits” (PC+Mac).  In addition, both games come with Steam Trading Cards! It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so get the games while the offer last!

Jet Gunner PC Game

Playable on your Windows PC, Jet Gunner is a 2D platform action indie game that’s full of Nestalgia. Full of action, gunfights, bosses and explosions so if you’re into the whole 8-Bit vibe you should love this. From the sound, to the graphics to the flicker, this should pay tribute to those classic hard as nails, run ‘n’ gun games. Hopefully this should wet your appetite for re-living the good ol’ days.

The game gets a User Score of 6.3 on Metacritic and a 77% positive reviews by 162 users of the Steam store (Mostly Positive).

Jet Gunner Game Features:

  • SIX Stages – From cities to flying airships.
  • HEAPS of weapons – From beam blasts to circle-ly side shooting thingies.
  • RETRO soundtrack – Made from the juiced tears of a Game Boy brick.
  • CHALLENGE MODE: Try and complete 25 extra difficult challenges.
  • STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS: Unlock 31 Steam Achievements! (More to be added with upcoming updates.)
  • HARDCORE MODE: Is the game too easy? How about trying the extremely challenging Hardcore mode!
  • FREE ADDITIONAL UPDATES/CONTENT: Extra levels, challenges, modes to be updated through the upcoming months.
  • LEADERBOARDS. So show off to all your friends how great you are!

Dead Bits PC Mac Game

Playable on Windows and Mac, Dead Bits is a first-person shooter with platform elements, fast and destructive! Quilly is a lonely creature. He lives in an invisible world, mysteriously, he was abducted by aliens. Now, Quilly has to fight for his freedom!

The game gets a User Score of 4.7 on Metacritic and a 57% positive reviews by 3808 users of the Steam store (Mixed).

Dead Bits Game Features:

  • Pixel Art Style! Dead Bits is entirely made out of Cubes.
  • Weapons and Enemies! There are 3 main weapons and a lot of Enemies, but think fast! Agility and Strategy can be weapons too!
  • ” In a world of Color Chaos and destruction, Dead Bits will put you in a fast explosive day! “

FREE Steam key: Jet Gunner (PC) and Dead Bits (PC+Mac)

To grab your free games, visit the giveaway page: Jet Gunner | Dead Bits, sign in through Steam and follow the on page instructions. Steam key will be sent to you by email within one hour. Offer available while stocks last!

  • You must be a member of the WGN Chat Steam Group.
  • You must have a public Steam profile.
  • If you just joined the group, it may take a few minutes for your cache to update.

Thanks very much to Zsolt for informing me about this giveaway & very sorry for my late to report it.

Updated: This is not a new promo but lasts for a long time (shared on May 3, 2015). It is still working and many of you may need it. I change the date published for this post to make it up. Enjoy these two steam games for free.