Kaspersky Mobile Security Review: a World-class security for your smartphone

Kespersky mobile security is one of the most comprehensive and  thorough security solution for your mobile device. Kaspersky Mobile Security developed by Kaspersky Lab which has taken their antivirus expertise and transferred it to the mobile world. The package includes Anti-theft protection, virus protection, Privacy Protection, firewall and anti-spam for SMS, EMS and MMS.

From day to day, we see  more and more people use their smartphone or PDA to surf the Internet and which has also made smartphone and PDAs  to be more commonly infected by viruses. Yes viruses has also become portable and antivirus companies have entered the mobile world too. Install Kaspersky Mobile Security and forget any virus, spyware or any other kind of malware,Kaspersky  will do it for you.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Highlights of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  • Privacy Protection – for your eyes only
  • Locate a lost or stolen smartphone 
  • Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access 
  • Block unwanted calls or SMSs 
  • Parental control 
  • Protect your smartphone from malware and network attacks


Available for 29.95 USD, Kaspersky Mobile Security is a World-class security for your smartphone.Users have access to antivirus protection as well as firewall settings.Kaspersky Mobile Security is constantly working in the background and offers real-time protection for malware. It will control all modified and/or received data  to smartphone’s memory. It includes all incoming email, SMS and MMS. Its substance will also be checked for spam. Infected items are blocked, deleted or isolated in the quarantine section.

Once in a while smartphones are lost or stolen. You can locate the lost or stolen smartphone using the inbuilt GPS Find function. And can also remotely Block your phone. Just send a predefined SMS to your phone and your device will be blocked and no-one will be able to access its contents.When found, Mobile Security will inquire about a pre-set password to gain access.Futhermore You can even choose to remotely Wipe your data.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Anti-theft

See how does Kaspersky Mobile Security work for you:

(1), Is your smartphone behaving strangely?

Kaspersky mobile security 9 features fully functional real-time anti-malware and firewall protection.

(2), Your contacts are for your eyes only

you can easily hide and unhide every related to a particular contact, including their phonebook entries,SMSs and call logs.

(3), Getting unwanted calls and messages? 

Choose which contacts you want accept calls and messages from with Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

(4), Brought a smartphone for your child?

When installed on a child’s phone,Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 can block outgoing calls or SMS’s to undesirable numbers.

(5),Smartphone lost or stolen? 

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 allows user to remotely block or wipe lost device,locate it,and even find out the new number if SIM card is replaced.

Kaspersky Mobile Security is very easy to install.You can download a Free 30-Day Trial Here. But first make sure you have  Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 or 6.5 Operating System or Symbian S60 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 or 9.4 (Nokia only) Operating System working properly.Then follow the  Kaspersky Mobile Security Installation Instructions (Here) to install it.

If you have your smartphone and you want to keep it protected, give a chance to Kaspersky Mobile Security to do this job for you.