Kaspersky Total Security Free Trial Activation Code (3-Device for 3-Month)

Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device is Kaspersky’s flagship do-it-all security software that’s customized to your everyday devices. Whether you connect with a PC, Mac, Android tablet or smartphone, whether you’re at home or out and about – whichever device you’re using – the advanced real-time technology gives you an easy, worry-free experience that moves as fast as the web can take you.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security protects your PC/Mac/Android against known and unknown threats, network and intruder attacks, spam and other unwanted data. Each type of threat is processed by a separate application component. This structure of the protection system allows a flexible configuration of the application, depending on the needs of any specific, or of an enterprise as a whole. With special features that add further layers of protection when you’re online shopping or banking, Kaspersky Total Security also secures your money and your accounts against cybercriminals. Kaspersky Total Security also lets you control user access to the computer and the Internet, back up data, and create encrypted containers for confidential information, and manage computer security on the home network from the administrator workstation. Kaspersky Total Security automatically updates itself with greater efficiency, neither getting in your way nor taking up computer resources. In one word, Kaspersky Total Security ensures your total peace of mind while surfing the Internet: your digital life is safe, your devices is in tip-top condition, your most valuable information is secure and your family is protected.

Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device:

  • Protects your digital life against today’s Internet threats
  • Delivers the ultimate protection – for PC, Mac and Android
  • Helps protect your privacy – from webcam spies & more
  • Safeguards your money when you’re online banking & shopping
  • Secures your identity, photos, files & other digital assets
  • Protects your children against online dangers
  • Simplifies security management – across all your devices
  • Delivers efficient protection – so your devices can perform

Kaspersky Total Security Free Trial Activation Code (3-Device for 3-Month)

Kaspersky Total Security is priced at $79.95 for a one year Activation Code / License Key on 1 Device. Before purchasing, interested users can download the trial version to test the software to see if it is worth buying. Like other security software, the official Kaspersky website usually provides free trial for one month only, but there is a promotion offer to get a free trial copy of Kaspersky Total Security that protect you for 3 months (Note: Free 3-month trial is only available for those who have not used a trial version of this software).

Updated: Seems that the giveaway is no longer working. After watching the videos & submitting your e-mail, it comes up with an error”Invalid url or required field is blank”. But you are free to try.

Updated 2: The giveaway is working again. But it seems that the giveaway is now unavailable for certain locations like Germany, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine and maybe some others, after watching the videos and entering your e-mail , it comes up with an error ‘Order validation exception Promocode: Mx activation has been reached’. Try with a US IP (proxy, vpn, etc.). And note that 1 license per IP address / email.

Get it now and Think Later. This offer wont last long! Interested users just need to visit the promo page here, and finish reading all 3 lessons. Once you have completed all 3 lessons, You will then be given the option to unlock a 3-month trial of Kaspersky PURE 3.0 Total Security.

If you do not want to watch the lessons,  you may right-click on the promo page and choose “View Page Source” option (or Press Ctrl + U). Then on the source code window press Ctrl + F and type the word “trial” to find the promotion link (the first search result, looks like this: “/trial/?c=uhSrCIFslL”). When you found it, right click and choose “Copy link location”, then open it on new browser Window/tab and enter your E-mail to request a free license key. Remember, only 1 license per ip address allowed.

Kaspersky Total Security Free 3-Month Trial


Thanks to Matt for informing me about this promo!