Kerish Doctor 2012 Free 3 Months Serial Key

Kerish Doctor 2012 is a Windows Maintenance utility which features the latest technology developments. Kerish Doctor 2012 has unique Real-time Failure Detection System that can fix Windows errors on the go. This utility can also perform thorough and safe cleanup by removing junk files and outdated cache from your PC and significantly boosting its performance. Kerish Doctor 2012 protects your computer from malicious software and potential security threats by monitoring all vital system security vulnerabilities. Smart Update system promptly updates the software database which makes Kerish Doctor 2012 constantly increase its efficiency and makes it one of the best solutions of its class. In addition Kerish Doctor 2012 also features a Startup manager and a game booster.

Kerish Doctor 2012

Kerish Doctor 2012 is normally priced at 15.95 USD for 1 Year Serial Number / LicenseKey for up to 3 PC’s. Visit here (Turkish language, use Google translator) and leave comment ( with a valid email address be entered on the “Mail” field ) to request a free 3 months serial key for Kerish Doctor 2012!  The giveaway is valid till July, 15, 2012 and the free serial key will be sent to your email at the end of the giveaway campaign.

Note: I have never heard of this system maintenance utility before, try at your own risk.

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