LastPass Credit Monitoring Alerts Service for Free, US Only

LastPass, developer of LastPass Password Manager, now offers free credit monitoring alerts service for all users in the United States. The service provides real-time protection, notifying users who enable the feature via pop-ups and email alerts if their credit report suddenly changes. These alerts allow users to proactively monitor their credit report and provides an early warning system for signs of identity theft.

LastPass’ free credit monitoring alerts should be used as a way to determine when to get your free annual credit report (validated by the FTC), or simply as a way to receive more free, round-the-clock information than is normally available to end-consumers.

LastPass Free Credit Monitoring Service

Why use LastPass free credit monitoring services?

  1. Unexpected changes to your credit report or errors in your records can serve to be a critical warning sign that your identity may have been, or will soon be, compromised.
  2. Proactive, regular, round-the-clock notifications of changes to your credit will help you better protect your identity and your financial security against identity theft and credit error.
  3. LastPass will monitor your credit and provide timely notifications if we detect any changes that could be a sign of trouble.
  4. Keeping watch over your credit rating should now be part of your personal security regime. But keeping a vigilant, non-stop watch over one’s credit rating is expensive and time-intensive, and only checking your free annual credit report (validated by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC), makes it likely you won’t catch inconsistencies or fraud until after it has become a much bigger problem.
  5. Monitoring your credit with LastPass credit monitoring alerts is safe and does NOT affect your credit score
  6. There are no strings attached with the free credit monitoring alerts – you are not required to upgrade to Premium credit monitoring at any time
  7. LastPass does not ask for your credit card information unless you choose to upgrade to the Premium version

Read more about this free credit monitoring service from this link.