Magicka: Wizard Wars – Indiegala Robe Free Steam Key

Indie Gala Store is giving away an IndieGala Robe for Magicka: Wizard Wars PC game. This DLC pack requires the base game Magicka: Wizard Wars (free) on Steam in order to play. Not sure for how long the giveaway is going to last, which means it’s probably best to grab the game while the offer is still live.

Magicka Wizard Wars
Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Spellcasting Action PvP game with the humor and the dynamic realtime spell system of Magicka. Players form teams of four and blaze their way across the battlefield, combining magical elements on the fly to create hundreds of spell combinations with wildly varying effects. With short rounds and unpredictable strategies, Wizard Wars gives both novice players and experienced MOBA veterans a unique tactical depth in every encounter. The game gets a User Score of 8.0 on Metacritic and a 85% positive reviews by 8709 users of the Steam store. You can download this game for free on Steam here!

Updated:The IndieGala Robe giveaway has expired but you can get a Games Republic Robe for Magicka: Wizard Wars PC game for a limited time period. More info on the promo page here. Thanks to Goodwin very much for informing me about this promo.

To get your free steam key for Magicka: Wizard Wars – Indiegala Robe, please visit the Indie Gala page here, scroll down the offer page a bit until you find the giveaway box like below.


Then enter your email address and press the Redeem button. You will receive an email from IndieGala with instructions and your profile link or activation link (may require 60 minutes to 2 hours depending on traffic load), and following that link will get you to your Indie Gala profile page. Then go to My Profile>Bundles Library>IndieGala Giveaways> Magicka: Wizard Wars – Indiegala Robe, and press on the Steam button to get your free steam key.

To redeem you code once you get it, simply launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account. Once you’ve registered / signed in, click the Games Menu and then choose Activate a Product on Steam…Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Note: If you cannot activate the key, go to the Steam page of the base game Magicka: Wizard Wars and click “Play Game” first.

Thanks very much to Goodwin for informing me about this promo!