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MailWasher Pro 2012 Serial Number for Free – Updated

MailWasher Pro 2012 is one of the worlds top anti-apam products which allows you to preview multiple accounts and all aspects of your e-mail on the server before you download it to your computer, thus protecting you from spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and other unwanted attachments. Aided by MailWasher’s built-in processing tools, you can then decide what to do with each individual email – download, delete, or bounce it back to the sender. The program also learns what kind of e-mail you want to receive and adapts to your preferences. Also featured are comprehensive spam tool including white and blacklists, customizable filters and use of public blacklists to identify spammers in an easy to use package.

MailWasher Pro 2012 Key Features

MailWasher Pro 2012 Serial Number for Free

MailWasher Pro 2012 is normally priced at USD$29.95 per 1-year Serial Number / License Key on 1 PC. Bitsdujour will soon have a giveaway of MailWasher Pro 2012, where everyone can get a full copy for free. The giveaway deal is coming coon, You can go to the giveaway page and click “I Want This” button and they will notify you as soon as the offer is available.

Product Page | Giveaway Page

[Updated: February 16, 2013]:

The Bitsdujour giveaway has expired now but I have found another time limited giveaway for this software. MailWasher Pro 2012 is being offered for free for today only (February 16, 2013). During this giveaway period, you can go to this giveaway page hereand click “Download Now” button to download the installer.

Then please register in this page. After registration,  you will get a 1-year registration key for free in your mailbox. With the key, you can install MailWasher Pro and run it.

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