Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver Serial License Code For Free

Marine Aquarium is one of the most beautiful and amazing Screensaver from Avanquest that show the beauty of underwater world. With its extensive collection of fish, coral, plants, and other underwater objects, Marine Aquarium delivers a mesmerizing, high-definition experience. You can customize aquariums with adjustable lighting, bubbles and sounds. Dozens of species of fish with realistic  behaviors add the beauty , also the sound effect makes thing more real and less digital. Well if you are interested , you can now download Marine Aquarium with Serial License Code, this unique screensaver worth $19.95 can be yours for free.

After years of development, SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3 is finally available for download and purchase! Marine Aquarium 3 is not just an update to previous versions – the entire program has been re-written from the ground up as a full 3D environment, taking advantage of the increased capabilities of modern video cards.

Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver

Turn your PC into a giant aquarium – with the winner Screensaver: Marine Aquarium 3

  • deceptively real, high-resolution sea-water aquarium with 30 fish species
  • Computer Bild Test Winner: # 1 / 10 in test
  • Support for multiple monitors: fish swim from one monitor in the next
  • Own background music play list include
  • Customize your aquarium with adjustable lighting, bubbles and sounds
  • Play relaxing music or create your own MP3 playlist
  • Personalize your aquarium with your own logo, calendar or time display

How to get Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver Serial License Code For Free?

1, To get free key code of Marine Aquarium 3.0, you need to visit Avanquest Marine Aquarium 3.0  registration page and fill the form with valid email id. The registration page is in German, I have translate it to english with google (click on the image to have a lager size)

Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver Serial License Code

2, Check your mailbox now . You will get an email from <[email protected]> with subject ” Ihre Marine Aquarium 3 Seriennummer” in which you will find a confirmation link to click. 

confirmation link

Click on it and it will redirect you to a page from where you can collect the Serial key Code of Marine Aquarium 3.0. The license will also been sent to your given email. (“Seriennummer” means: “Serial number”)

Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver Serial License Code For Free

3, Download Marine Aquarium  Screensaver from here [ 6.0 MB  ] and install it using above serial number. Marine Aquarium 3 works with Windows 7, XP and Vista.