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Marvel Once Again Offers 700 Free First Issue Digital Comics

Back in March, Marvel Comics announced that they would offer over 700 first issues of new and classics Marvel series as free digital comics for download. Unfortunately, the promotion was so popular that it caused more demand than expected and forced the company to postpone the promotion. Well, good news for comics lovers everywhere! Marvel has finally announced the return of the Marvel #1 promotion. This is a great chance to experience all of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes – and some new ones – by accessing over 700 #1 issues for free.

To make sure that their servers don’t light on fire and jump out the window like last time, ComiXology’s process for downloading these #1 issues will be processed differently. According to the company, you will need to register for the promotion before 11:59 pm Tuesday, April 9 (US East Coast time). Once you sign up,  you will be added to the Marvel #1 exclusive access list. And you will also receive a confirmation e-mail that lets you know that starting Thursday, April 11th, ComiXology will be sending out special invites in the order in which you signed up. That email will include your personalized link to the promotion which explains that you’ll have 48 hours to pick your books. Remember, you may not get your invite on Thursday, that’s just when they’re starting to send out their emails. You may add to your address book so things don’t get caught in your junk mail.

Head on over here and sign up to get in on the action before Marvel #1 registration ends at 11:59pm on April 9th, 2013  (US East Coast time). If you have any questions, please feel free to check out the FAQ.

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