MCE Tunes Serial Number For Free

iTunes has been getting so bloated with so many features and functions. On the other hand, though Microsoft’s popular Windows Media Center Edition and Windows Media Player are very good at what they do, there’s no native support for iTunes file types. You have to  convert iTunes songs from the iTunes music formats (m4a and m4p) to another format (WMA, MP3, etc.) laboriously to play on the Windows Media Center. This is over with MCE Tunes finally. With MCE Tunes, you can finally play your iTunes content, as well as using its playlists, in the Media Center user interface without any video conversion process.

MCE Tunes, a special plug-in developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows Media center, provides playback of all your iTunes content, even protected iTunes Store songs, movies and shows, right from the Media Center “My Music” interface or Windows Media Player! MCE Tunes can also automatically sync your library on a daily basis, great if you buy lots of iTunes music. In addition, MCE Tunes can stream iTunes music to Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles or other Media Center Extender devices.

How to get Free Serial Number for MCE Tunes?

The standard version of MCE Tunes normally costs around $14.99 for purchase. Now, you can download MCE Tunes 3.0 with serial number for free.

1, Download MCE Tunes 3.0

2, Free Serial Number: 2KQ9S-2RST8-87R94-MKMKM-K4T2M

You can visit the promo page for more details.

Please Note:

1, The license offered is the standard version of MCE Tunes, which provides infinite number of track sync. The Pro version of MCE Tunes supports copy protected music  playback (M4P) and Video playback. The pro version downloaded from the official site will not accept this serial number.

MCE Tunes Trial / MCE Tunes (standard version) / MCE Tunes Pro Comparison

MCE Tunes Trial / MCE Tunes / MCE Tunes Pro Comparison

2, MCE Tunes  works with XP, Vista 32bit/64bit. No Win7 support

How to use MCE Tunes :
1, Select how you wish to merge your music library after the installation is complete. This process enables Media Center to populate the ‘My Music’ interface with all your iTunes music.


2, Open Media Center, select My Music with your remote, and enjoy!

Media Center

If you purchased MCE Tunes with video, select “iTunes Videos” from More Programs, then sit back and enjoy the show!