Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 Free Download Serial Number

Shaky video happens, and sometimes it’s unavoidable. Common culprits are: footage shot from moving vehicles and cameras getting knocked around in the wind or by the unsteady hands of people having way too much fun. The result is many videos Shot on Mobile Phones, Pocket Camcorders, Even DSLR Cameras, are shaky and consumers simply put up with excessive shake in their videos because they think there is no alternative — but with Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer, you can fix most rollercoaster rides of shaky video into smooth, steady memories– almost fully automatically!

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer

proDAD Mercalli Easy puts an end to the common problem of shaky video by putting highly effective video stabilization into a simple drag & drop app for Windows that can quickly stabilize the video and perform some basic editing so the video is ready to be shared via popular social media & video-sharing sites, copied to mobile devices, or turned into a DVD. With this program you can detected and distinguishes between intended movements, such as panning or zoom shots, and unintended shocks and shakes. Also the program allow you to analyze every frame in a video clip and improves your material by smoothing irregular pan or zoom shots. The process of stabilization is fully automatic. Just drag and drop a video into the app, preview how it will look with a “before and after” comparison, and when you like the changes you’ve made, Mercalli Easy does the rest with a single click to render, export and save.This makes Mercalli a highly valuable tool that’ll rescue and optimize crucial video clips.

In addition to removing the shake from video, Mercalli Easy can correct another common, though less understood problem: Rolling-shutter distortion. Video professionals know that rolling-shutter is a problem related to CMOS imaging sensors that are found in virtually every camera and camcorder today, and occurs almost anytime the camera is moved while shooting, or while shooting fast action. Because of the way a CMOS sensor captures an image, scanning from the top of the sensor to the bottom, a moving camera or image will encounter skew or wobble distortion as the image has moved slightly during this scanning process. Consumers only know the image looks wonky; though it is easily improved with Mercalli Easy.

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 Key Features:

  • Quickly & easily removes shake from video clips
  • Automatically corrects/improves rolling-shutter distortion skew & wobble
  • Works With Videos Shot on Mobile Phones, Camcorders, Digital Cams
  • Basic editing features – rotate video, click & drag trim editing for beginning and end of video clip
  • Based on the same great Mercalli video stabilization technology relied on by video professionals worldwide


Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 Free Download Full Version Serial Number

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 is normally priced at $19.95 per serial number / license key. proDAD has partnered up with Computer Bild to offer everyone a full version license for Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 for free. It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so if you’re interested get it now before it’s too late.

Follow below steps to grab your free full copy:

1, Visit the promo page here or here Expired! (Page in German, use Google Translate if needed), and register an account with required info. If you already have an account, just login to get the serial number and the download link for Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0.

Important: If you have already registered an account on ProDAD with previous ProDAD ProDRENALIN V1.0 offer and you are logged in, please first log out your account and visit above promo page again to register a new account.

2, An email with a validation link will be sent to your email. Click on that link to complete your registration.

3, Then login this page with your account.

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0 Login

4, And you will find your free serial number for Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0. The serial number will also be sent to your email address.

Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer Serial Number

5, Download Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer 2.0: Online installer | Offline installer Install and active full version with received serial.

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Thanks to zzzrrr1979 for informing me about this promo. Readers like you keep us alive!

Updated:  This is a old promo (shared on Jul 14, 2013) but hope it prove useful to the one who may not know abut the promo.