Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Full Version Product Key

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a free, cut-down version of Office 2010 which displays ads, and only include basic versions of Word and Excel, capable of exchanging documents with the full Office 2010.

Word Starter and Excel Starter 2010 provide more than enough functionality to handle most basic word processing and spreadsheet needs, but lack more powerful features like the ability to track comments and changes in your documents; password protect your documents; create tables of contents, footnotes, citations or bibliographies; perform advanced data analysis such as with pivot tables; and the ability to customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar. However, Office Starter provides full fidelity viewing, so people who are using Office Starter will still be able to see features that are not included in Office Starter.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Office Starter 2010 is usually not available as a public download, it is only available as preloaded software on select new PCs. But now is offering free publicly download of Office Starter 2010. Every one can download and install the product on compatible systems. Compatible currently means that Starter 2010 will install on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit edtions), but not on Windows XP or Windows 8.

Download Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Full Version with in-built Product Key from

As per Downloadcrew: Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a cut-down version of the package which displays ads, and only contains limited versions of Office and Excel. But by way of compensation you can use it free of charge and without a product key.

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