Microsoft’s coming Internet Explorer 9 interface

Though Microsoft has released four previews of Internet Explorer 9 over the past six months,  but none of them show much of the new interface for its next-generation browser —not set to debut until it first public unveiling happening in a few weeks, on September 15.

But maybe we won’t have to wait until then to get a glimpse of what’s coming. Microsoft’s gotten a little carried away with its Internet Explorer 9 excitement and posted an early screenshot of the browser up on its Russian site (The site has since pulled their post now, but it’s still currently available in the Bing cache.).

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 interface

The new leaked screenshot seem to be clutter free with fewer icons and properly arranged and the URL bar and search bar will be combined into a single row.  It has been pared down and simplified with the multiple menu buttons of the Internet Explorer 8 toolbar condensed to a single menu. which will give you more space and you will only see the useful navigation menus. whateva… but it still gives you access to all the features…

As well as the good interface, you can also expect few more features. Some of these are well-known—standards compliance, performance. And also a feature that will let users turn “recognized” and “protected” sites into web apps that can be launched directly from the taskbar. Another similarity to Chrome (and Firefox and Safari) is the new ability to “tear off” tabs from one window and reposition them independently. Now it would be more easy to check out two pages side by side with “tear off tab” feature.

 After all, the browser we see next month may not look like this, Just waitting the beta on  September 15. Company officials release have not been willing to pinpoint a due-date target for IE 9, but it likely to be 2011.