MOTO Droid 2 come with Android 2.2 may ship August 12

An insider hinted on that MOTO Droid 2 come with Android 2.2 should ship slightly earlier than expected, on August 12 (It have been reported to be august 23 earlier).This should certainly help Verizon out with sales, not just because this Android 2.2-powered smartphone is already garnering a lot of attention, but the Verizon is running short on a lot of supplies lately. Namely the HTC Droid Incredible and even the Motorola Droid X this past week which have been sold out both online and in stores.

Motorola Droid 2 is a great phone and it seems that Motorola Droid 2 will have a big succes.Although the Droid X has been treated as Verizon’s new Android flagship and has sold out both online and in stores, the Droid 2 is expected to be the true successor to the November 2009 original. 

In contrast to other major phone leaks before the Droid 2, there weren’t that many questions left to be unanswered at the time the leaked images started making their way onto the Internet. However, with the Droid 2,things is complete opposite. As it stands right now, more and more questions keep popping up as more images of this future device make the scene. Today, we get a little more answers, but at the same time, a few of the same questions remain.

MOTO Droid 2

As you can clearly see in the above image, this device –which is the MOTO Droid 2 for sure– is clearly running Android 2.2,the Google mobile OS edition that supports Adobe Flash 10.1 for a desktop-class browsing experience.No fake Photoshop nonsense here.It’s good to see that the Droid 2 launch with Android 2.2. That means it’s running in the family, more or less, to see major Operating System upgrades launching on high profile devices. Of course, whether or not you think the Droid 2 is actually a high profile device is purely up to you.

MOTO Droid 2 come with Android 2.2

In addition to being let out of the gate with Android 2.2 on board, it seems that the widgets-based UI system on the Droid X will also be present on the Droid 2. That UI, although similar to MOTO BLUR, is not actually MOTO BLUR as Verizon Wireless handles the back end work and the data isn’t going through Motorola’s servers. It hasn’t been exactly determined which kind of material Motorola used for the 3.7-inch display, but if it’s OLED, we could be looking at a future shortage with this model too. The smartphone will have a 1 GHz processor, 8 GB memory card preinstalled with upto 16GB expandable memory, a 5 megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi hotspot software,the 1GHz processor is still under the hood (thankfully).


Great smartphone with touchscreen and QWERTY and probably better at this category for the sector Android, the new Motorola Droid 2 is the mobile phone design more “normal” among the latest offerings from Motorola and perhaps that is more easily discernible.

I should note that there is no pricing information as of yet .However,as we have reported earlier,MOTO Droid 2 may cost a whopping $599 without a Verizon contract ($199 with contract).So consider us excited to get our hands on MOTO Droid 2.