Mozilla’s first app for iPhone approved:Firefox Home

Good news for Firefox fans.Mozilla’s first app for iPhone,Firefox Home,has been approved by apple.Mozilla submitted Firefox Home to the App Store last month. No, it’s not Firefox — well, not exactly.This isn’t a new Firefox browser for iPhone (which would be blocked by Apple,no way Apple accepts a Firefox app). Instead, it’s a syncing application that gives you access to all of your Firefox bookmarks, history, and even the tabs you have open on your PC’s Firefox browser.  And the app looks good, it should be very useful to users of Firefox.

Firefox Home provides an amazing “get up and go” experience. It’s encrypted end-to-end.And also incorporates a version of Firefox’s “Awesome Bar” for fast web site look up.

Firefox Home for iphone

Why is this useful?

  1. Left work in a hurry? You can pick up where you left off with access to the list of tabs you just had open on your desktop.
  2. Need those directions to that restaurant you were just reading about on your desktop? The confirmation code for your flight? Just start typing in the Awesome Bar and those pages will be right at your fingertips.
  3. Does it drive you crazy to have  to enter the full URL on your iPhone that you’ve visited several times from your desktop? You won’t need to anymore with this app.

Firefox Home for iphone 2

 Firefox Home is available to download (iTunes link) for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices running version 3.1 of Apple’s iOS or later.Hope that there would be more Mozilla’s app submited to the App Store.