MP3 Tag Express 6.5 Free Download with Serial Number, Today Only

MP3 Tag Express is a music tag editor that specializes in mass-modifying music tags and bulk-renaming files. Built using a wealth of editing functions, this program will enable you to edit and fix your music tags and rename your audio files with ease and speed, turning hours of work into minutes. People with limited technical knowledge will appreciate the simplicity of its design, while the technically advanced will appreciate its flexibility,  efficiency, and advanced power features.

The most common editing tasks are made simple using a wealth of file and tag editing functions. Trim or substitute numbers, junk characters and custom text for one or many files at the same time. Re-organize and re-number groups of files with speed and ease, even when working with hundreds of tracks, making it ideal for audio books. All file name and tag changes can be rolled-back using multi-level Undo.

MP3 Tag Express

MP3 Tag Express 6.5 Key Features:

  1. Use many powerful time-saving features that can be applied to multiple Files and across multiple Folders
  2. Instantly change one or more of the common tags like Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Disc #, and Title
  3. Re-Number Tracks in any order and Add or Trim the Track Numbers from the Tags and File Names
  4. Substitute or Trim Text and Characters from the most common tags, as well as the File Names
  5. Copy and Paste the most common Tags and / or Cover Art between Files, saving on typing
  6. Lookup album details, artwork, and lyrics from the Internet selectively or automatically
  7. Bulk-Rename Files to a New Name with Automatic Prefixed or Appended Numbering
  8. Modify Tags for mp3, m4a, flac, wma, and wav files
  9. Apply Permanent Volume Adjustment to mp3 files
  10. Save a Lot of Time and Effort doing these things!

MP3 Tag Express 6.5 Free Download with Serial Number

MP3 Tag Express 6.5 is normally priced at $24.95 per license key/ serial number, but you can download MP3 Tag Express 6.5 full version free and legal from Giveaway of the Day for today only (July 28, 2012). Don’t miss it. Visit GOTD Page to download the software