Multiple virus scan On Windows Computer

We all know we can not protect us 100% from computer viruses. Since an antivirus program can not protect, the installation of two or more antivirus protection should be better right? Well, of course, yes, but technically not, because antivirus software have become so complex that there is a conflict between them causes crashes and blue screens. When we talk about installing two antivirus programs 15 years ago in Windows 1995 is mentioned, then it is possible.

The only way to get more anti-virus software on a computer is if we can disable the real-time protection, self defense and just use it for on-demand scanning. Well, if we scan a single file with demand analysis, we can upload it to Virustotal and have antivirus scanning with 40 but the problem is the file to Virustotal sells anti-virus vendors. Trojans do not use the programmer Virustotal because obviously they do not want to be recognized as Trojans.

Multi AV Scan is a Multiple virus scan software.It  currently supports A-Squared, Avira AntiVir, BitDefender, ClamWin, DrWeb, Ikarus, McAfee, Solo, Sophos and VBA32. There are a few similar tools such as Multi AV Fixer, KIMS, ScanLix and Mini AV Scanner but they are all no longer in development except Multi AV Scan.

Multi AV Scanning works but is a bit buggy. You have to put the file you want to scan in the same folder otherwise MultiScan.exe exploration program say all the time without progress. Also if you are using Avira AntiVir, Avira license required HBEDV.KEY key place (where you can get it for free here) file in \\ AVs folder\ \ AntiVir\ \. As for updates, it takes a long time to download and update all virus definition signatures. Another question I encounter is the CPU usage is 99% for the updating and digitization.

Note that Multi AV Scan is not intended to replace the antivirus installed on your computer that has real time protection. The next Multi AV Scan v1.6.2 include two more Kapersky antivirus and VirusBuster. You can download the Multi AV Scan from the following links.

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