Nokia Shares a UI Preview of Symbian S^4

Nokia promised that they would restructure the UI of their Symbian^ 4,it’s upcoming mobile operating system (OS), in 2010.Now, Nokia’s proudly showing off the Symbian S^4 user interface to all and sundry, which is expected to fall onto phones sometime early next year.We may still be awaiting Symbian^3, but Symbian^4 looks like a breath of fresh UI air.lets see how they deliver.

In my view, Symbian^4 looks like a combination of iPhone and Android UI.Such as the exit button on the upper right corner is replaced by a “back” or “previous” button,and Android users should familiar with this “back” or “previous” button.Pictures in the following (Click the picture to view in a larger size)

Of course all of the information on offer is just a proposal, so things are due to change before Symbian^4 arrives.  According to the Symbian roadmap, S^4 won’t be code complete until Q3 2010 and we won’t see any handsets until the first half of 2011.