Norton AntiVirus 2012 Free 180 Days OEM Product Key

Updated: Norton by Symantec has released the 2014 editions of its computer security software, which keep consumers safe from evolving threats in their daily online lives. The latest versions improve on the industry’s leading protection and performance, and are designed for compatibility with the new features of Windows 8.1. You can now Download Norton Antivirus 2014 Free with 180 Days Serial Key or  Norton Internet Security 2014 with 90 Days Trial Product Key.

In today’s connected world, cybercriminals are getting more creative in ways to target your computer with the very latest viruses and spyware. You need something to make sure you’re safe in the Digital World. Well, Norton AntiVirus is one of the best choices.

Norton AntiVirus is top-notch antivirus able to provide most powerful virus, and spyware protection so you can do more without disruption. Symantec updates this AntiVirus product every year, and the latest released edition is Norton AntiVirus 2012. The new version of Norton Antivirus builds on the performance success of the previous version and brings key new features designed to protect against increasing threats, along with other useful tools and tweaks. The result is a useful all-around security application aimed at keeping up with a fast-changing landscape where new threats are constantly emerging.

Norton AntiVirus 2012

What’s new in Norton AntiVirus 2012:

  • Customizable Control Center gives you the option to choose your preference between a simplified screen or the traditional detailed view.
  • Bandwidth Management limits Norton’s processes and updates when you have limited bandwidth or monthly downloads.
  • Download Insight 2.0 now tells you how stable a download is before you put your computer at risk for crashes or other bad things to happen.
  • Norton Recovery Tools help remove threats that can be deeply buried in a PC’s operating system.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Free 180 Days OEM Product Key:

This is an old trick that I I have previously shared for Norton AntiVirus 2011, and it still works with the latest Norton AntiVirus 2012 editon. Just follow the steps below to legally get your free 180 days OEM subscription of Norton Antivirus 2012:

1.  Sign Up for a new Norton account HERE.

2. Download Norton Antivirus 2009 from here (Note: This is PCWelt 180 Days German OEM). Run the downloaded setup and click on Big Button which reads “ZUSTIMMEN & INSTALLIEREN”, means: “AGREE & INSTALL”.

 Norton AntiVirus 2009 PCWelt 180 Days German OEM

3. After finish installation, a registration screen should pop up. If the pop up screen does not appear click on “Norton Account”. Enter your email (same email you used in step 1), then your Norton Account  password to complete the registration process.

click on Norton Account to get registration screen

 Norton AntiVirus 2012 180 Days OEM

Norton AntiVirus 2012 180 Days OEM

4. Sign In to your Norton account again then click on “Products”.  You will find your 180 days product key of Norton AntiVirus 2009 (If you don’t see any product history “Sign Out” of your account and “Sign In” again).  Copy the product key you will need it to activate Norton AntiVirus 2012.

Norton Antivirus 2012 Product key

5. Download the latest version Norton AntiVirus 2012 from this link [English Version], and then install it. You do not need to uninstall NAV 2009. The installation of NAV 2012 will automatically remove NAV 2009.

6. In the main window of Norton AntiVirus 2012, click on the Subscribe button as shown below. then click “I have key code to enter” and paste your product key which you copied from Norton Accounts in Step 4 to activate your Norton AntiVirus 2012 for 6 months.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Main Window

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Subscribe

Norton AntiVirus 2012 - Enter the Product Key

7. That’s it, you now get 180 days subscription of Norton AntiVirus 2012 for free.

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Free 180 Days OEM

The procedure is a little lengthy but it’s worth doing for an excellent security product. The idea behind these steps is to get genuine product key valid for 6 months for an earlier version of OEM promotional Norton Antivirus product and use the same one to activate Norton Antivirus 2012 free for 180 days. If you have any problem to get your free OEM license serial key for Norton AntiVirus 2012, please comment below, and I’d be happy to help you. You can also download a 90 Days OEM for Norton AntiVirus 2011, that is much easier.