Norton Smartphone Security for iPhone and Android

Symantec’s Norton division has launched its “Norton Everywhere” initiative aimed at bringing security protections and cloud-storage access to the  Apple iPhone  and Google Android smartphones. These apps is surely not a must have app but will definitely make a few people feel more secure when browsing the web on their iPhone and Android device. some of them does have a few good features that most of us might find useful.

1,Norton Connect

Norton Connect is a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android users that will enable access to data stored in Symantec’s cloud-based storage service for those subscribing to a service such as Norton 360. PC-based access to cloud storage is more typical today, but Norton Connect extends access to subscribers with Android and iPhone devices, says Dan Nadir, senior director for product management at Norton.

2,Norton DNS Beta

Norton DNS Beta, uses Domain Name System technology, an application that will let Android users verify the safety of URLs when a user visits the address.It is aimed at protecting a wide range of mobile smartphones, PCs and Macs.

The Norton DNS service will flag or even block dangerous content or Web sites. If you’re on an iPad and you think e-mail is from your bank but it’s a phishing page, the service will block it, Nadir says. Symantec’s Norton division partnered with New Hampshire-based Dyn, which operates a global DNS network, to integrate security-scanning protections into Norton DNS. It works in the background without need for any software on the user’s device.

3,Norton for Smart Devices strategy

Norton for Smart Devices strategy works to embed Symantec security into non-PC internet connected devices, such as smart phones as well as televisions, home security systems and digital picture frames.

4,Norton Smartphone Security Beta for Android

Norton Smartphone Security

Norton Smartphone Security Beta for Android,the hot app of the year appears,will allow users who have lost their devices to remotely lock or wipe data from their phone with a simple text message.And as such, Norton — the longtime virus-cleaner (among other things) — has the Norton Security app in beta in the Android Market. We’re not anywhere close to declaring that we need to worry about spyware, malware and viruses on Android, and Norton’s app does well to go beyond that.

Features Norton Smartphone Security  include:

  • Remote lock/wipe
  • Anti-malware scan.
  • Call blocking
  • LiveUpdate

It seems to be fairly lightweight, though the lock/wipe feature will be built into Android 2.2, so it’ll have to fight that off somehow.It is now available at Android Market.

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