novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 Serial Registration Key For Free

novaPDF is a powerful PDF creator which allows everyone,  from novice users to professionals to easily create high quality PDF files in an affordable and reliable way from any Windows application by simply selecting the “Print” command.

novaPDF has three major editions: Lite, Standard and Professional. novaPDF Professional has all the features enabled, while novaPDF Lite and Standard have limited functionality.  Visit the Help me choose section for a comparison between different editions.

novaPDF Professional Desktop

novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 Serial Registration Key For Free:

Normally, novaPDF Professional Desktop Edition will cost you $49.95 to purchase, but as a result of an agreement between Softland and PC-WELT. You are entitled to receive a free registration key of novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 Edition. (The latest version is V7).

To grab your free copy:

1, Visit the novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 giveaway page, and enter your contact details in the form below.

novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 giveaway

2, Once you register, you will receive the Registration name and Registration key  for novaPDF Professional Desktop V5 Edition by email. It seems they are sending the same registration details to everyone.

Registration name:PC-WELT
Registration key:T11M-CNT5-XKW1-C32U-QMNJ-MP1V-6U5T-DSMC

Updated: the registration key only works with novaPDF Professional Desktop V5.4, sorry that I have not found a good installer (Thanks Naits for this feedback). please check this one: novaPDF Lite 7.0 Registration Key For Free.

To register your free copy of novaPDF Professional Desktop V5, just follow these steps:

1, Go to ‘Start’->’Settings’->’Printers and Faxes’
2, In the ‘Printers and Faxes’ window, right click ‘novaPDF Pro v5.4’ and select ‘Printing Preferences’
3, In the ‘novaPDF Pro v5.4 Printing Preferences’ window go to the ‘About’ tab and press the ‘Register’ button
4, In the ‘Register’ window, copy and paste the registration details you received.

This old version of novaPDF may not work in windows 7. If you want to use the latest version of novaPDF, please check here: novaPDF Lite 7.0 Registration Key For Free.