Ocster Backup Easy 6 FREE Special Version

Data Backup should be a key element in a computer system’s disaster recovery plan as it provides access to the data even if the original data on the computer system is not recoverable, whether as a result of disk malfunctions or your mistakenly deleting them. Providing of course that the data is not backed up on that PC but a different device either in a portable device locally or in the cloud.

Ocster Backup Easy 6 is a backup software solution to create automatically backup of selected data at scheduled times. It is the easier to use, streamlined version of Ocster Backup Pro 6, and is especially optimized for non-technical computer users and everyone who puts great value on simplicity. Even though Ocster Backup Easy 6 is optimized for ease of use it does not sacrifice in quality. The user still gets all the great features like high backup speed, versioning and automatic pausing.

Ocster Backup Easy 6
Ocster Backup Easy 6 Key Features

  • Specially optimized for ease of use
  • Fully Automatic: Creates fully automatic backups of your data with fast backup speed
  • Includes alternative backup format: 1 : 1 File Copy – simple mirroring of files to other media
  • Internet Explorer bookmarks
  • Mozilla Firefox: Backs up bookmarks, settings and add-ons
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Backup emails, calenders, settings and add-ons
  • Windows contacts: Backup the Windows Contacts folder.
  • Versioning: Easily access and restore different older versions of your files.
  • Automatic Pausing: Backups are done in the background and are automatically paused to prevent them from slowing down other programs. Various system characteristics are monitored, e.g. CPU usage, I/O usage, fullscreen applications, etc.
  • Outlook/Thunderbird Support: Back up your Microsoft Outlook/Thunderbird emails and calendars with a single mouse click.
  • Backups can be stopped and resumed. This is handy when the computer needs to be shut down, for example.
  • Network support: Files and folders on network drives can also be backed up. The backup data can also be stored on network drives if that is desired.
  • Encryption: Backups can be encrypted and protected with a user password.
  • Compression: Backups are compressed intelligently to save space. Different compression types are available: from fast ones with moderate compression to slower ones with excellent compression.
  • Scheduled: Backups can be started either automatically at scheduled times or manually by clicking a button.
  • Storage Types: Backups can be stored on hard disk, USB sticks, network drives and Ocster Secure Storage.
  • Incremental backup: after an initial full backup only the changes to the previous state are stored. This saves space and reduces transfer times.
  • Open File Support: Files and folders that are in use can be backed up as well.
  • Hard Link and Symbolic Link Support: Hard links and symbolic links can be backed up and are properly restored as hard links and symbolic links.
  • Special Files: Compressed, encrypted and sparse files can also be backed up.
  • Small File Optimization: Through smart uses of compression the software can achieve high compression rates, even with many small files.

German magazine Computer Bild is giving away Ocster Backup Easy  6 for free. Visit this page and download full free version of this software.

Note:  This is an old giveaway from 04.07.201, but it is still valid.  If you can’t download the installer, please try another web browser (Firefox doesn’t work for me but chrome is ok).

Support OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 (the 64 Bit version of each operating system is also supported)