Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac Free License Code

Ondesoft ClipBuddy is a clipboard manager and history app for Mac OS X that records everything you cut or copy to the Mac Clipboard, and provides multiple ways to view, edit and paste them to any app. Remember an unlimited number of clips in a searchable database with title, data, size, source and url in days, weeks even years for your later reference.  These clips can be images, text or a mix of them (rich text, like PDFs and HTML).

The simple and intuitive interface groups all of the clippings in fully customizable Text Trees, making you add, find, sort, delete or manipulate clip nodes much easily. Just double-click on a clip in the clipboard history list and it’s pasted right where you were working. Powerful text cleanup bar can make you remove unwanted marks, change case, line breaks and perform find&replace. Edit & reformat clip entries as you wish. Case conversion allows you easily convert text between different cases: lower case, upper case, sentence case, mixed case or invert case. Find& Replace function makes you search for and replace any text, numbers, formats, paragraphs, page breaks, wildcards, field codes, and more. Search any previous clip node you need by title, content, source, format, time and url. Powerful SuperPaste bring you more paste choices. Paste more than clip entries with just one click straight into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TextEdit, iChat and any other applications. SuperPaste feature helps you quickly paste a series of clips in a loop with positive or negative sequence. Break apart and paste complex data.

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac Free Giveaway

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac Key Features:

  • ClipBuddy remembers everything copied to the clipboard
  • Save and organize all of your cut and copy contents – text, image or both – from any app
  • Easy and intuitive access to the Clipboard history
  • Super Paste – allows you to paste multiple clips in a loop, without any pesky punctuation
  • Recorded Metadata – allows the user to see what application the clipping came from, when it was made, and even the URL of the website it was taken from

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac Free License Code

To get a free copy of ClipBuddy, access this giveaway page, enter your contact name and email address and then press “Win Free Code” button. After you finish, you will get an email with free license code. It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so if you’re interested I’d sign up sooner rather than later. 🙂

Alternatively Offer [updated on August 14, 2013]

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac is normally priced at 29.95 per serial number / license code. But Ondesoft has started their annual Back to School Promo to give away the latest version of Ondesoft ClipBuddy software. The giveaway is not only for students. Visit the “Back to School” promotion page here. And Like, or Follow, or Pin Artist Corner to win free ClipBuddy