Ondesoft W3capture for Mac Free Serial Key @ Bitsdujour

Ondesoft W3capture for Mac is a webpage, html, htm and TXT files capture tool that allows the user to capture and convert entire webpages to PDF files, straight to their Mac. Ondesoft W3Capture doesn’t just copy the text, it copies everything (text, pictures, formatting, etc) in order to create a PDF file that is a carbon copy of the original webpage. In other words, the PDF file will appear exactly the same as the webpage appears in the user’s browser. Ondesoft W3Capture can also convert HTML to image formats including: PNG, JPG, BMP and SVG.

Also included in the Ondesoft W3Capture is a multi-threaded batch converter. This allows the user to convert multiple HTML webpages from different URLS in to one single PDF file. It can also convert multiple webpages to separate PDF files at the same time.

Ondesoft W3capture for Mac

Ondesoft W3capture for Mac Key Features:

  • W3capture for Mac allows users to capture entire webpages in the form of PDF files – nomatter how long the webpage is.
  • Multi-threaded batch conversions allow the user to convert an unlimited number of different webpages from different URLs in to ONE PDF file.
  • Ondesoft W3capture can also convert any number of different webpages to their own separate PDF or Image files,at the same time.
  • Ondesoft W3capture works fast, real fast – save entire webpages to PDF files in seconds!


Ondesoft W3capture for Mac Free Full Version Serial Key

Ondesoft W3capture for Mac is normally priced at $18 per serial number / license key. Bitsdujour are having a giveaway of W3capture for Mac, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. The giveaway will be valid for today only (24 hours on February 21, 2014). Act fast to grab your free copy. Go to the giveaway page here, and click on the “Get It For Free” button to get your free serial key & download link.