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Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 7.0 Free 6 Months Serial License Key, Italy Only

Online Armor Premium

Emsisoft Online Armor is a rock solid firewall product with powerful HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection System) Protection and a host of other security features to keep your PC clear of infections and running smoothly. The program not only prevents unwanted incoming and outgoing connections from and into the PC but also protects the computer from identity thefts, hacker attacks and malicious programs.

In the default standard mode, safe programs on Emsisoft’s centrally maintained whitelist are automatically allowed access by the firewall, which makes it easy for anyone to manage. In advanced mode there are many more options for experienced users. For example, it is possible to restrict access to only selected networks or to prevent access to websites from specific countries which are known for spreading malicious software. The best thing is that Online Armor offers a unique and especially secure Online Banking Mode. In this mode the computer can only access self-authorized Online banking pages, , while no other sites, including phishing sites, can be accessed. To enable this feature you need only supply the correct web-address of your own bank/financial institution. With the integrated Online Armor Browser, Online Banking can be accessed then totally riskless.

Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 7.0 Free 6 Months Serial License Key

Online Armor has been known as one of the best firewalls on the market both in the freebie category (Online Armor Free Personal) and as a paid product (Online Armor Premium). Pricing for the Online Armor paid product ($39.95 1 PC/1 Year) may seem a bit high for most of us. Good news is that, for a limited time,  you can get a free 6 months Serial License key for Online Armor 7 Premium Firewall.

This giveaway offer is only valid for the readers of Italian Win Magazine in Italy. So for users from other countries, you may need a Italian IP, Proxy or VPN. Use the proxies given below or just Google for proxies yourself.

1.  Go to the giveaway page below with a Italian IP (Page in Italian, use Google Translate if necessary). Important: if you have visited the link without a Italian IP,  then please clear your browser cache/cookies before visiting again or change your browser, else it wont work.

2.  Enter your name, your email and set a password for your Emsisoft account, then click on the “Get free license” button. (If you can’t see the promo page, it either means that you have yet changed your IP address to a Italian one, or that Italian IP has been blacklisted by Emsisoft, or the promo has expired.)

Similarly to other Emsisoft promotions, only new accounts can be used to register and receive a code. Using already registered email address may result in receiving a message saying that there is already an account with with the email provided.

2. If everything goes right, you will get an email within a few minutes from Emsisoft <> containing an activation link to activate your account as well as your free license key for Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 7.0. Please also check the spam box in case it’s wrongly filtered. Click on that link to unlock your user account.

3. Now login to your Emsisoft account here, click on “Manage licenses”, then click on Hypertext “Please register your license key here”  and enter your license key to register it with your user account.

4, Download Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 7.0 from this direct download link and install it. Use the license serial key that you just received to unlock full version.

Here is the proof:

It doesn’t say how long this offer will stay free, so get it while it last! And if you miss this giveaway, you can Download Emsisoft Online Armor 7.0 Free Personal Firewall. The freeware version lacks features like Phishing filter, file and Registry protection, DNS-Spoofing protection, automatic updates and the Online-Banking mode.

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