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O&O MediaRecovery V4 Software Free Serial License Key

Updated: New version O&O MediaRecovery 11 Professional Edition for Free.

Often in our digital world, just one accidental slip of a finger can lead to the permanent loss of precious photos, videos or songs. Within only few seconds, recorded memories and experiences can be lost forever. Luckily, with the right software solution there is hope. The new O&O MediaRecovery V4 makes this sort of accidental deletion a thing of the past.

O&O MediaRecovery  is a popular data recovery tool that has been optimized specifically for recovering accidentally deleted photos, videos and music files off of devices connected directly to a computer. The latest version of this tool is V6 , but if you are interested, you can get a free serial License Key for O&O MediaRecovery 4.

Data can be recovered from all popular data storage media, including MP3 players, digital cameras, memory cards (e.g. SD, MMC, xD and other cards), hard disks and of course devices such as the Apple iPod.  Regardless of whether your device saved the files as JPEG, MPEG, MID, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Player, TIFF or WAV, O&O MediaRecovery V4 will bring those valued memories back for you. The rescued data can then be saved onto any Windows compatible storage medium (except of course on the medium from where the data has just been rescued from).

O&O MediaRecovery V4 is quite simple to use. Just connect the data storage medium which holds the deleted data (for example your digital camera) to your PC. Install O&O MediaRecovery onto your PC and start the program. The Assistant will lead you step-by-step through the data search.

Key features of O&O MediaRecovery:

How to get O&O MediaRecovery V4 software Free serial license key?

Updated: Free Download O&O MediaRecovery 6

1, Go to the O&O MediaRecovery 4 PC ADVISOR registration page and simply fill out the registration form with your email address. Then click “Request free license” button.

2, You will then get an email from with subject “Your free license of O&O MediaRecovery 4” containing your O&O MediaRecovery 4 Free License Key.

3, Download O&O MediaRecovery 4 (3.3MB) .

O&O MediaRecovery 4 System Requirements: (Has Not been tested  with Windows 7)

Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional and Home Edition, Windows NT 4 Workstation and Server (at least Service Pack 6 with at least version 5.01 of Microsoft Internet Explorer), Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server, Windows Server 2003 (all Versions)

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