O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 Free Download Serial Key

O&O SSD Migration Kit is a straightforward tool designed to help you migrate your partitons (drives) from standard hard disks (drives) to super-fast SSD (Solid State Drives) easily and comfortable. In other words, you will be able to create a duplicate of the chosen drives on the target SSD or on a certain drive of the SSD. If, as is likely, your source hard disk (drive) contains too much data to fit on the SSD, then you can choose to exclude particular files from the migration, and so free up valuable drive space. And since the information on the source drive is not deleted, but only made unrecognizable by O&O SSD Migration Kit, migrations are reversible.

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7

As you may know, when a partition or an entire hard disk is duplicated on a SSD, the partitions need to be adapted and aligned to the structures of the SSD. If this doesn’t happen, the SSD is simply overwritten with information from the old hard drive and the misalignment of the partition might cause a performance loss of up to 50%. In addition, the life span of the SSD is shortened, since you now save new data on the SSD, which needs more space than necessary in deleting and rewriting than normally. The O&O SSD Migration Kit automatically checks whether the target drive is an SSD and realigns the partitions on the destination drive (the SSD) to mirror those of the source drive (the HDD) during the migration process. No data loss ensures that 100% of your SSD’s performance is available!

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 Free Download Serial Key

O&O SSD Migration Kit is normally priced at US$29.95 per serial number / license key. But now, as part of the developer’s promotion offer, you can download O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 full version with serial key for free.

1, Visit the O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 giveaway page here, enter your email address and submit it.

O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 Giveaway

2, You will be receiving your free personal license key by e-mail (Please also check the spam/promotions box in case it’s wrongly filtered.)! Please note that as a result of this offer’s great popularity, it might take somewhat longer for your personalized license to be generated. All requests will be automatically processed according to their order.

3, Download and install O&O SSD Migration Kit 7. This migration kit works with all editions of Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP — either 32-bit or 64-bit.

4, Use the registration information (Name, Company, and Serial Number) you received via email to unlock the full version of O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 .

Here is the proof:

O&O SSD Migration Kit Full Version

Note: we’d recommend you make a backup copy of whatever data you might be migrating, just in case something ever goes wrong in the future.

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