Optimize And Tweak Windows 7 With GIGATweaker Freeware

If you want a fast and smooth running pc and have been overwhelmed by the cluttered interfaces of Windows 7-customization applications, it’s time for you to check out GIGATweaker. GIGATweaker is a free Windows 7 optimizing and tweaking tool which enables you to tweak and optimize a variety of Windows 7 settings from a single, well organized interface. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 as well as Windows vista and and can be used as a portable application.

Optimize And Tweak Windows 7 With GIGATweaker Freeware

After you install the program, you’re prompted to create a system restore point before applying any major changes to the system, so you can roll back your system at any time if you run into problems. I highly recommend you follow this advice as Tweaking Windows can either jazz up your system or crash it, depending on the changes you make. The interface of GigaTweaker provides access to the five main tweaking categories Administration, Display, Customization, Communication and Maintenance which all contain various subcategories like system settings, security settings and tweaks to apply restrictions to files and even disk drives, Memory Management or Visual Effects. This free tweaking tool is really a great collection of all the necessary tweaks that can be applied to Windows 7.

  • Administration: System, Security, Files and Drives, Restrictions, System Information
  • Display: Explorer and Start Menu, Visual Effects
  • Customization: System, Optimization, Memory Management, Context Menu
  • Communication: Network, Internet Explorer
  • Maintenance: Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, Windows Utilities

You are facilitated with many great ways to fine tune your Windows 7/Vista. You can do things like automate Windows login (if you have multiple users or a password assigned to your user account), Show¬† messages to users before they logon, Specify what should be done after system failure, set access restrictions for system items and applications, able/disable UAC, enable/disable Autoplay, enable/disable various Windows components like Control Panel, Regedit, Command Prompt,Task Manager, Explorer Context menu, etc. customize Windows Explorer options and visual effects, optimize startup and performance features, tweak memory usage, extend Window’s evaluation from 30 day to 120 days, and much, much more.

In fact, many of these tweaks can be done from Windows natively, or from other programs. However, what makes GIGATweaker so great is it puts all these tweaks in one place for easy browsing. Download today and try it yourself.

Download GIGATweaker Freeware at software Home Page